Training at Texas Vault is 1-on-1 private lessons, sessions of 3 on the runway, or small groups by request. We have some type of practice every day of the week except Friday. Poles are available for each athlete to use during training, but the athlete is encouraged to bring their poles as well.

Private lessons are designed to go at a pace that is more comfortable for the beginner vaulter or the vaulter who is wanting to perfect specific drills and skill sets within the vault. For 1 hour, the private lesson is custom tailored to each athlete. Private lessons are by availability only.

3 on the runway sessions: I attempt to group athletes together by ability. Occasionally, a more advanced vaulter may join the sessions.

Small groups of 5 or less are by request only. These sessions tend to be more beneficial for athletes who specifically want to train with each other. Usually this will consist of athletes who attend the same school.

Schools may schedule a Saturday morning 4 hour session or 8 hour session at their school facility by request and based on availability. Poles are provided by Texas Vault.